A diversified activity calendar


At the Vivalis, we offer a diversified calendar of activities clearly announced each week. These activities vary depending on the season and we make sure to celebrate every birthday. Families are always welcome to participate in activities of the residence. We have redone the backyard in 2013 so our residents can fully enjoy the beautiful season

Activities varying seasonally


Animal therapy

Contact with animals is always a beautiful moment : whether it be our mascot Canelle, a 9 year old Golden Retriever or during activities animated by our professional animal-therapy animators, smiles and emotions take over the residence.


Singers and Musicians

We are lucky to have within our team of volunteers talented singers and musicians who come entertain and brighten the day. Lets dance ?


Physical activities

Each week, adapted physical activities are proposed to our residents so as to keep in shape and promote maintaining and developing motor skills.


Memory games

Introduced in the form of games, the memory exercises stimulate the cognitive faculties of our residents and promote social interactions.



Animated by our volunteers and supplied with small participation prizes, the bingo is the occasion to gather as friends and share a good time. A very appreciated activity!


Board games

The Vivalis offers a large living room with puzzles and board games where you may gather with friends and families to have a good time.


Arts & craft and cooking

Depending on the season, our artists organize arts and crafts activities to create decorations for different events and decorate the residence. Cooking workshops are occasionally organized.



An on-table garden facilitating access, even with a walker, is installed each year and contributes to beautify the residence. In 2014, a vegetable garden was added.



A new arrival in 2014, our new Pétanque terrain welcomes enthusiasts who can enjoy the yard and its installations while throwing their boules as close as possible to the jack !



We have installed a walking trail accessible in wheelchair or with a walker. The trail is embellished with benches to rest, bushes and flowers all along its length. Two pergolas as well as swings allow our residents to enjoy the weather in the shade.



The Vivalis has a large living room and many comfortable areas favorable to reading. We offer an extensive library with a wide spectrum of books and magazines.


Home theater

On a giant screen, we offer each week many movies projected in the living room.

  • Semi and non-autonomous person

    Short or long stay, respite, convalescence, even health-care, the Vivalis offers the best of a nursing home with assisted living
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  • Specialists dedicated to the elderly

    From the doctors to the beneficiary attendants, all contribute to the well-being of the residents with personalized care.
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  • Alzheimer and cognitive disease

    The Vivalis is able to welcome and accompany residents with an adapted and safe care unit
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