The Vivalis and a CHSLD : what differences ?


The people who require care will find it in specialized residences such as the Vivalis or in a CHSLD. The CHSLD is a long-term care center. It welcomes people with severe loss of autonomy that require intensive care

A care center for seniors

The Vivalis offers accommodation services, nursing services, pharmaceutical and long-term medical services.

We equally welcome people with reduced autonomy for short stays following hospitalization or to assist natural caregivers requiring a little respite.

At the Vivalis, help with clothing, food, leisure activities and even monitoring are offered within a thoughtful, professional and courteous home environment.

The mission we have given ourselves is to excel in providing care to assist the person in all phases of their life. If the needs become very important, accommodations of a CHSLD could then become a necessity.

More information

Come meet our leasing consultant: he can explain why a residence such as the Vivalis better meets your needs and the different nature of care offered in a CHSLD.

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