The Vivalis : a long term care center


A long term care center is a living environment adapted for people suffering from important health problems which make living at home difficult or even dangerous for the person or imposes a burden too heavy for their entourage.

When to chose a long-term care center ?

Early warning signs

  • Significant memory loss and confusion ;
  • Decline in general health ;
  • Need of physical help ;
  • Need for a secure living environment ;
  • Concerning weight loss resulting from a difficulty to eat or to feed them-self ;
  • Difficulty to take medication or to remember taking medication.

Admission process

  • 1 - Collecting information

    You can contact us by phone at 514 694-4141 or by e-mail at for more information or to make an appointment to visit and to meet with the person responsible of location.

  • 2 - The visit: Meet with the Vivalis' smiles

    Our admission process begins by a visit of the residence so you may see the quality of the installations and all the smiles in our team.

    We take the time to understand the needs of our future residents and we offer a care program adapted to each of our residents.

  • 3 - Signing the contract

    Once you’ve made your choice, we sign a contract of one year. The contract clearly defines our engagement to provide basic services :

    • Studio ;
    • Housekeeping ;
    • Meal (3) and snack (2) services ;
    • Participation in residence activities.

    On top of that, we proceed to a full preliminary evaluation of required care. The care services will be fixed about a month after your arrival at the Vivalis. During this month of transition, our staff will learn to know the person, their needs, expectations and difficulties… After all, every one is different !

  • 4 - Meeting with the family

    We apreciate having a first meeting with the members of the family so we can ensure we satisfy all the needs of our new resident. We explain details of life in a residence, services that are offered and invite the family to participate in activities. We clarify communications in cases where a representative is designated or when many members of the family share different roles.

  • 5 - Arrival at the residence

    Our staff will greet you once you arrive and will guide you to your room.

    Our nurse will come to meet you to make sure everything is fine and to explain our daily operations.

    A Beneficiary attendant will assist the new resident for the duration of their first day at the Vivalis : at meals and in activities. Thus ensuring that the resident feels confidant during their first day.

  • 6 - Overview of the pricing

    Our rooms

    The price of our rooms at the Vivalis start at 3868$ per month, a price to which we add costs in function of the profile of care required. Our residents signed a contract of the Régie du logement of 1 year.

    The base price includes

    • The room ;
    • Meals and snacks ;
    • Laundry ;
    • Activities ;
    • Basic care services like medication distribution.

    Our residents are eligible to certain tax rebates and our staff will be more then happy to explain in a more detailed way the financial assistance offered by the different branches of the government.

    Convalescence and respite

    A limited number of rooms are available for short term stay, for example after an operation or during vacation of an informal caregiver. The price of the room is based on the length of the stay and level of care required. Please contact us for further details.

  • Semi and non-autonomous person

    Short or long stay, respite, convalescence, even health-care, the Vivalis offers the best of a nursing home with assisted living
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  • Specialists dedicated to the elderly

    From the doctors to the beneficiary attendants, all contribute to the well-being of the residents with personalized care.
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  • Alzheimer and cognitive disease

    The Vivalis is able to welcome and accompany residents with an adapted and safe care unit
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