Short term accomodations


Whether it be for a convalescence period or to give a little break to caregivers, the Vivalis can meet your expectations.


The Vivalis can welcome you for a period of convalescence after an operation or a disease. Our medical staff will evaluate your needs and will coordinate with the hospital or medical professionals who are following your file so we can welcome you in the best of conditions during your convalescence.


The task of being a caregiver is very demanding and offers very small room for respite. Need to rest, to recharge your batteries ? A trip for business or leisure will take you away from your home and you wish to leave in confidence ? The Vivalis can welcome your relative and give them the care they require.

This short stay will also be an occasion for you and your parent to concretely explore life in a residence.

  • Semi and non-autonomous person

    Short or long stay, respite, convalescence, even health-care, the Vivalis offers the best of a nursing home with assisted living
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  • Specialists dedicated to the elderly

    From the doctors to the beneficiary attendants, all contribute to the well-being of the residents with personalized care.
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  • Alzheimer and cognitive disease

    The Vivalis is able to welcome and accompany residents with an adapted and safe care unit
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