An adapted living environment


The Vivalis offers living environments adapted to the needs to the clients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other types of behavioral disorders. These special care units are secure and allow to avoid wandering problems and other disruptive behavior associated with more advanced phases of the disease. Dining rooms are installed directly in the special care units.

The Vivalis accompanies you

Our staff is trained to accompany residents in any activities of their every day life and to offer them any help and support required. Within a special care unit, the personal rhythm of the resident is respected. Thus, residents may get up and sleep at hours with work best for them and the schedule of hygiene services is adapted, as much as possible, to the needs of each resident.

Although travel in the special care units is limited, residents are invited to participate in activities offered each day including, when temperature allows, access to our secure backyard.

Our families are always welcome and have complete access to the unit. We are always asking for everyone’s collaboration as to maintain calm atmosphere that is very important to anyone suffering from cognitive disorders.

  • Semi and non-autonomous person

    Short or long stay, respite, convalescence, even health-care, the Vivalis offers the best of a nursing home with assisted living
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  • Specialists dedicated to the elderly

    From the doctors to the beneficiary attendants, all contribute to the well-being of the residents with personalized care.
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  • Alzheimer and cognitive disease

    The Vivalis is able to welcome and accompany residents with an adapted and safe care unit
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