A link with the families: a treasure for our residents


At the Vivalis, we do everything in our power to help our residents to stay in contact with their families. Visits are allowed at all times.

A virtual window on our activities through an interactive blog

We post to a private blog accessible on demand by the families and friends of the Vivalis, pictures of our different activities, birthdays, as well as special events that have yet to come. This private blog is especially appreciated by families living far from the residence.

A virtual post office

The Vivalis allows its residents to enjoy the simplicity of online communications without having to use the technology. Families and friends of the Vivalis send their communication to our online post office and every day, our staff prints and distributes mail received for the enjoyment of our residents.

Room to gather

A bistro room will be available in 2015 to receive our resident’s families and allow them to gather in groups of 4 to 16 people. Families may eat a menu arranged in advance with our chef, choose from our daily menu or even bring their own food. Small costs will be asked to cover for utensils, tableware, table preparation and cleaning once you have left. Our tea salon offers a pleasant place to gather in the afternoon. Our comfortable living rooms are offered to all and offer many possibilities to meet in privacy. In the summer, take advantage of our backyard to walk along our exercise trail or take a break on a bench and let the kids run around. If the temperature is less favorable, you can still take the opportunity to get some fresh air.

  • Semi and non-autonomous person

    Short or long stay, respite, convalescence, even health-care, the Vivalis offers the best of a nursing home with assisted living
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  • Specialists dedicated to the elderly

    From the doctors to the beneficiary attendants, all contribute to the well-being of the residents with personalized care.
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  • Alzheimer and cognitive disease

    The Vivalis is able to welcome and accompany residents with an adapted and safe care unit
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